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yesterday i had a soccer game.
we lost by one point.
i had to sit part of the game :\
i hurt my ankle.

i smell bacon.
which is weird.
because my mom is sick
and shouldbe be up
and my father...

last time i asked for something in the kicthen
he replied
"do i look like i wear the skirt in this family"

my birthday is in like two days.


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as orchestrate my fingers in a pattern to make these letters form words i fell sorrow and happiness tingling though me.
i almost wish you were mine again,

adam wasn't right.
i guess i kind of knew from the start.
he always was working and always getting stoned.

i feel sad, but not a single tear will be or has been shed for him.

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since i last posted.
so basically things with adam are pretty good.
i guess.
umm last night was tori's birthday party.
haha it was fun.
we walked to devins and hung out with devin dyllon arek and caleb
until late,
then made them walk us home because we thought wed get raped on the way home.
today who knows what i am doing.
adam works at three.
i think i will see him tomorrow.
and anton gets off at like 2 so i may hangout with him.
i am babysitting tonight at 540ish.
i want to see my kayle
i love her.

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ehh. Hii guys. So this weekend was a blast. I got to see most of my friends. Yesterday Mikey gave Kelly a driving lesson. HAHA. I was holding onto Mikey for dear life. Kelly got jelous because he was also holding me for dear life so she slammed the acceleration while turning and nearly flipped Mikey's car. Mikey is pretty amazing. I got to call his boyfriend. I talked to him about windshield wipers and a book he was reading! It was superr. Oh boy. My dog need's a MAJOR hair cut. You cannot see her eyes. haha. Went downtown with Kayle today. We had fun. uhhh. Adam's always working. I wish he'd cut back his hours or something :[ but whatev. I wish i could randomly become invisible. I would get out so easily. It would be amazing. But i cannot so whatev. hfkjshfk somebody call me. 8484849.

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I feel bad,
and i think i know why.
Is he avoiding me?
Should i still try?
I'm scared to call, and get no answer-
to hear the beep of his answering machiene.
He's my life,
he's my cancer.
Does he care?
Does he fake?
How can I know when he's never there...

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hii guys.
just got back from cali.
it's late. like midnight.
i woke up at 4am.
thats when the madness of today started.
i was in and out of airplanes and airports all day.
who cares about the panes.
the trip was OK.
you may think i am a spoiled bitch for syaing that but whatever.
i did not get to g o to fugging mtv.
gio let me down.
one agian.
i didn't even get to fugging see the kid.
so that basicaly ruiend my trip [not the mtv- just not seeing gio]
uhh i got some pictures.
i met my cousin-Mida.
she is sooo adorable.
i miss her a ton.
the trip made me realize the strong hate i have for my father.
like, i am disgusted with him.
but anywahh i saw like 2 famous people.
no scratch tat i recognized two.
i dono how many i saw.
i saw tyler and brooke hogan.
not too famous but whatev.
i only have a few more minutes then the monsters are kicking me off.
i seriousily wanna run away.
i love kayle
and anne
and adam.
[wrote that last night]

anne is coming over.
i could not get ahold of adam.
it seems like i cannot get ahold of im too much anymore.
i care sooo much for him but he's always working.
it makes me so sad.
i just wish i could be with him forever.

anne is on her way. :]]
i wish i could see my kayle, too.
i miss that girl.

see, this is what vacation does to you!!

guess what! devin and i are friends again!
im so happy. he was like sooo mad at me.
i dont even know wy really
but were cool again.

todays a happy day.
but it would be a super day if i got to see my adam :\

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Going to California today. Leaving around 2. Maybe 1. I will be back Wednesday. I will have the cellular with me. 302.8425. Ring me up, maybe? So basically I will just be hanging out. I'm going to MTV studios and getting a tour and watching a taping of one of their shows. Thanks to Gio. I love that boy, he is just about the best cousin in the world. Ew I'm glad I'm not going to school. We're having some stupid party. Ickk. Well I better go clean my room and pack. xx

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My heart shatters into 1,000 more pieces every second the phone stays silent. I get worried, i get scared. I'm afraid you'd be calling if you really cared. I'm growing wreckless and depressed. Please just call. Don't hesitate, don't stall. Call and reassure me. Tell me not to worry and you care-still. I know you won't ut all that's left that I can do is sit here and hope one of these times you will.

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Okay first entry. Not sure if I know how to do this so well.
I feel kina down today.
Adam was supposed to be off early today but he said he'd work later :/
I'm worried kayle's right.
I'm worried he's using me-
I'm worried he doesn't care.
God, I wish I could snap out of this.
So at ballet last night some bitch stole my shoes!
So my mom got me new ones..but they're ugly.
They're black and white striped Vans.
So Imna go back soon.
I like Journies quite a bit.
Too bad they do not have slippers.


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